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Effective Marketing Masterclass - Ford Henderson Marketing
Effective Marketing Masterclass with Ford Henderson - Ford Henderson Marketing

If you're like many small business owners, you are probably wondering how to market your business to find regular new customers and to increase revenues and your earnings.

With so many marketing options available how do you know which ones would be right for your business?

Without a clear marketing strategy and an action plan to implement it you will waste hours or time and hard earned cash doing spray and pray marketing that does not get you anywhere.

Come along to the workshop if you are ambitious and want learn proven marketing know how to find more clients and boost your customer base to grow your business or practice.

If you can’t take too much time out of your business and budgets are tight, the Effective Marketing Masterclass is a very affordable way to ramp up your marketing skills and knowledge.

This Masterclass is ideal for:

  • Owners of small and medium-sized businesses
  • Marketing professionals looking to freshen up their skills and knowledge
  • Self-employed freelancers
  • People considering starting a business

During this Masterclass, you will learn only tried and tested marketing strategies that I have used in my business and with my private consultancy clients.

Ford gave me the confidence to go out and market our business in new ways and with a feeling that I can now say I would know that it was the correct path.

Paul Johnson
Johnson Partners Ltd

Great introduction to marketing. Well delivered and not boring.

Tony Harker
Fanatic Sport and Leisure

Very informative and gives an abundance of marketing strategies you might not have considered. Really interesting topic, lots of time for questions and advice which is specific to your business.

Sarah Hughes
Work It Baby

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Here are the 7 critical things you will learn in the Effective Marketing Masterclass:

1. Why they don't buy from you

A snappy reality check on the 7 critical reasons your marketing is not working for you. And it is not usually what you think it is. You’ll recognise things that will need to change and that we will cover in the masterclass I will share the marketing success model that has served me well for years.

2. Find out how many customers you need to create the revenue and earnings you want 

Marketing needs an outcome and a specific purpose. If you know what you want your marketing needs to be set up to achieve it. This gives added motivation and boosts your confidence that you are working to a specific goal. Understand the importance of Life Time Value and the impact of converting interest to paying clients.

3. Positioning your business for success

There are 3 key areas to work on:

It’s imperative that your business is set up for success and that does not happen by chance. In this key session we will identify the problems and pain points that your customers face and using the “which means method “. We’ll translate the benefits that your services and products offer to solutions that win attention and create interest and desire.

We’ll create a value proposition using my well established VP tool that will be at the core of your future marketing strategy. It will communicate that you understand their problems and challenges and how you can help them. You will use this across your marketing to attract the best prospective customers and clients.

Finally in this section you find out how to focus your marketing efforts on your ideal clients. These are clients and customers that understand that your solution are exactly what they need and are worth paying for. Without understanding who your ideal clients are and how to get them to take notice of you your business will not do as well as it should.

4. How to stand out from the crowd

Fed up of your marketing being ignored? You will learn how to create a compelling marketing message that stand outs from your competitors and attracts your ideal clients. It will explain the value you offer, the outcomes you deliver and the results that customers are looking to buy. You will learn about risk reversal, social proof and simple method to write your message with AIDCA. A compelling message pull customers to you and they will be clear why your business will be the best choice for them.

Enjoyable with lots of interesting ideas and new concepts to refresh marketing systems in place. New fresh outlook on what way to move forward with our marketing.

Lisa Scott
European Sole

5. Getting more Leads and Enquiries

Every customer starts with a lead. You will learn about the client journey and why you need to fill your marketing pipeline continuously through irresitable free offers to get them interested. I will share 3 quick wins to get more leads swiftly into your pipeline including how to get more referrals.

6. How to increase sales and enquiries with easy changes to your website

Don’t let your website be a white elephant. It should be a powerful marketing tool generating leads and enquiries month in and month out. You will learn the 7 key things to create a lead generating website and the importance of calls to action.

7. Your existing customers are the easiest way to grow your business

I will share how to increase your sales and profits from your existing customer base though up selling and cross selling. It will have a dramatic effect on your bottom line.

8. Putting it all together - your action plan

Knowledge and strategies are at the core you your future marketing. But action get results. It’s vital to use the strategies from the masterclass to market your business effectively. At the end of this session you will have an easy to follow plan that you can implement when you get back to your office.

What You Will Get

In the effective marketing masterclass you can expect a jam packed session of proven, tried and tested marketing strategies that will help you find more customers.

Alongside other business owners you can network, ask questions find out how to market your business successfully does not have to be a difficult chore.

The sessions are lively, interactive and delivered enthusiastically with an opportunity to share and learn from your fellow attendees. No dull text text-filled PowerPoint presentations or irritating, irrelevant jargon or unnecessary theory.

You will learn insider knowledge and strategies from a marketing expert:

  • With a maximum of 10 attendees ensures you get exceptional value for money
  • Support and engagement from ambitious like-minded business owners
  • Share ideas and experiences with break-out sessions
  • Masterclass pack – quality workbook packed with relevant information templates, guides and copies of masterclass slides
  • Money back guarantee – if you don’t think the masterclass has been value for money we will refund the full amount.

At the end of the session you will have:

  • Clarity and understanding how the session content can grow your business
  • Tools, knowledge and confidence to put the session topic into practice
  • Practical, step by step implementation guide to keep you on track

Enjoyable with lots of interesting ideas and new concepts to refresh marketing systems in place. New fresh outlook on what way to move forward with our marketing.

Lisa Scott, European Sole

About your Masterclass tutor – Ford Henderson

I’ve been in sales and marketing all my working life.

I was recruited to the graduate sales training programme at General Foods selling a wide range of fast moving consumer goods to large retail supermarkets. It was an excellent introduction to consumer selling and I learned skills that I still use today

My first marketing position was with Tefal, the consumer electrical appliance company. I worked on a range of marketing strategies to grow the electrical appliance product range

My introduction to business to business marketing was with Scott Paper Company, (now Kimberley Clark), responsible for a £30 million range of paper disposable products in the away from home business.

I launched my own business in the tough and competitive office products market. The business grew steady through innovative strategies that positioned my business as a progressive company that delivered additional profits to my client’s bottom line. The business grew successfully with facilities in Newcastle, Edinburgh and Birmingham

I have successfully run businesses for over 20 years and offer a wealth of experience and pragmatic “can do” attitude that achieves results.

My marketing consultancy works with ambitious business owners to improve sales and profits through finding a steady stream of new profitable clients. The strategies that I teach are the same no-nonsense ideas that helped me to grow my own business successfully.