Why Becoming an Expert is Critical to Your Success

Why Becoming an Expert is Critical to Your Success - Ford Henderson Marketing

One of the most effective marketing strategies for getting clients to come to you, rather than you spending valuable time and money chasing them, is to be highly visible and respected. You need to be perceived as an ‘expert’ in your target market.

Like many professional service business owners, you might think that being an expert means that you have to have a string of letters after your name and 30 or more years’ experience under your belt.

That’s not always the case. To be considered an expert in your market you need to understand your prospective clients’ issues and challenges, shaping your marketing to demonstrate that your services will overcome their issues. Think of yourself as their problem solver.

That’s why it’s so important to move away from being a ‘generalist’ and become a ‘specialist’ instead. Forget about appealing to everyone who may possibly buy a service like yours and think about becoming an expert in your field.

Clients want professional service providers who they consider to be credible and trusted and who can give them exactly what they need.

That happens when you position your business to serve a target market. You can fine tune your marketing message so they understand exactly how your services can help them and why they should hire you over other companies offering similar services.

For example, instead of being an accountant to everyone, focus on being an accountant to self-employed consultants. All of your marketing can then be centred around overcoming their problems so you communicate in your value to prospects – your services should become relevant and interesting to them.

Being an expert in a specific target market will truly transform your business. Your future clients want, and are willing to pay for, your knowledge and solutions. It will also give you a focus to market your business or practice to the right prospective clients so you will stand out very clearly from your competitors.

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