Get More Clients Programme

Sound Familiar?

Typically you are a business owner looking to build a successful business.You’ve had limited success in attracting clients, but it’s not consistent enough. You offer quality added value products and services and you know you can do a lot better.

You are an expert in your field and now’s the time to ramp up your business. You understand that finding more clients is down to effective marketing. You have tried to use some of the ideas you have heard about but your efforts don’t seem to have much impact at all.

No one has shown you how to attract clients consistently. Marketing remains a challenge which sometimes creates self-doubt and a feeling of ‘is it all worth it’.

You are ambitious but the thought of tackling marketing on your own is worrying, so you are looking for support, knowledge and advice and are prepared to invest in time and money to get the business you deserve.

How I Can I Help You Get More Clients?

You need a marketing strategy that is created just for your business. A structured, proven approach that attracts more clients and which complements your skills and ambitions. Working together we will:

  • Decide how much you want to your business to grow and the income you want to earn
  • How many clients you need to achieve this growth
  • ​Clarify who your ideal client is
  • ​Create your client attraction message so you stand out from your competitors
  • ​Create your lead generating marketing plan to fill your pipeline
  • Fine tune your product and service options
  • ​Develop a soft sales conversation to authentically win new clients
  • Create systems to make marketing easy

Working side by side, we will set specific goals and actions to put your strategy in place. I will give you the support, confidence, marketing skills and accountability that’s required to create a truly successful business and the income you require.

If the time is right to ramp up your business and you would like to find out how I can help you attract more clients, then give me a ring on 0191 257 2454 or click the button below to organise a free more clients strategy session.