Service Professionals – Attract More Clients

Running a Service Business and Need More Clients?

Are you serious about growing your service business or do you just like to talk about it?

The majority of service business owners don’t do as well as they should and when I talk to them they are always baffled at how to market and grow their business or practice.

Does this sound like you?

You are business owner working in the professional service sector. You’re in the first years of building your business. You are motivated and offer excellent services that deliver great results for your clients. Your biggest challenge is consistently finding more clients. You realise that marketing is essential to your future success and it’s time to ramp things up and reach more prospects and clients.

Your challenges tend to be:

Your marketing is not effective. You have tried a few marketing activities that leave you disappointed and your business no further forward:

  • You hate the idea of cold calling
  • Most of your business comes from referrals but they’re not enough
  • ​You deliver excellent service to your clients but find it hard to market your business effectively and get more new clients
  • ​You don’t have a marketing system in place to bring you qualified leads consistently
  • ​You’d like to earn higher fees but aren’t sure how to make it happen
  • You’d like to become an authority in your marketplace and be seen as an expert

Let’s face it, marketing and finding clients for a service business is very different to other industries. It’s likely you have an impressive array of competences: well-honed skills, knowledge, experience, education, expertise, training accreditations, passion and qualifications.

Having impressive technical skills and great services are hugely important, but that alone won’t get clients through the door. If you can’t explain how they will be better off by using your solutions and services to overcome their problems your business or practice won’t grow to give you the income and success you deserve.

And that’s the problem for most service professionals; the thought of marketing and selling their services often sends a chill down their spine. Is that the same for you?

In all likelihood, you have never been shown how to market your ‘intangible’ skills and services in an authentic way. It’s not about having expensive brochures and leaflets, a fancy website or inauthentic, dodgy sales methods.

The key to having a growing and thriving service business is to have an effective, authentic marketing system so you don’t have to constantly cold-call complete strangers.

How can I help you?

If you are ambitious and realise that it’s time to get to grips and be serious about developing a more clients marketing strategy then working together would be a good option for you.

Just think of the difference it would make to have a structured and organised way to attract quality new clients, consistently increasing your income and the profitability of your business.

Imagine if you could move away from using disjointed, inconsistent sales and marketing gimmicks that don’t work, to an easily applied step-by-step tailored marketing system so you stand out from the crowd.

The strategies I teach are incredibly effective; they are proven methods that I have used to grow my own business and that I still use every day. Your investment in my services is usually paid for by 3-4 new clients.

If the time is right to ramp up your business and you would like to find out how I can help you attract more clients, then give me a ring on 0191 257 2454 or click the button below to organise a free more clients strategy session.