Marketing Troubleshooting Programme

Something Not Quite Right With Your Marketing?

  • Do you suspect you’ve got a blind spot (or two) with the marketing and development of your business?
  • Have you put a huge amount of time and effort into marketing your business but the results are disappointing?
  • ​Are you finding it difficult to pinpoint the exact problems with your marketing?
  • ​Are you’re unsure how to get the best results from your marketing efforts?
  • ​Do you need the support of a marketing expert that has grown successful businesses?
  • ​Would you benefit from a fresh pair of eyes, an independent sounding board, or a reality check with a huge dose of motivation?

Marketing Troubleshooting

You’ve made a commitment to grow your business and to step up your marketing. You are looking for mores sales and more clients. It’s likely you have invested a significant amount of time and money on your marketing campaign and you can ‘finally get it out the door’.

But, no results. It’s so underwhelming and frustrating. It’s not meant to be that way.

Often you will be too close to your marketing campaign to take an objective view. A fresh, experienced pair of eyes can get to the knub of the problem quickly. Over the years I have helped many business owners improve their marketing campaigns.

What do you do?

It’s tempting to invest more time and money and step up your activities further. However your marketing campaign has not worked for a reason and to understand why results are poor, and the best way to fix them, consider working side by side with me to unpick your campaign and get it back on track.

How Does It Work?

Working with independent business owners I have developed a systematic process to identify the real reasons that their marketing does not deliver new customers or anticipated sales. It’s likely that the lack of success will be down to a mix of reasons including:

  • No written plan or strategy leading to unrealistic expectations
  • Lack of clarity of your target clients and why they would buy from you
  • ​How your product or services solve problems
  • ​Little differentiation or adding value to your products and services
  • ​Your marketing message does not hit home
  • Using the wrong marketing routes to talk to prospects – traditional and digital
  • ​Your sales conversion process
  • ​Your competitors
  • How you follow up

In my one day marketing troubleshooting sessions, I’ll meet with you to systematically identify why your marketing is not working and how your marketing can get more clients and sales. Maybe I will even interview some of your customers.

Working together, I will rework your marketing strategy, set specific goals and develop a marketing campaign plan to overcome your lack of success and that will get you the clients and sales you want.

As your marketing troubleshooter, I will be honest, challenging and hands-on. I will help you understand and solve your marketing issues and develop a marketing plan that is right for your business for ongoing success.

If the time is right to ramp up your business and you would like to find out how I can help you attract more clients, then give me a ring on 0191 257 2454 or click the button below to organise a free more clients strategy session.