What is Good Marketing?

What is Good Marketing - Ford Henderson Marketing

Effective marketing is a complete system which consistently and reliably makes your phone ring, brings prospective clients to your website, and puts email enquiries in your inbox, from people who are predisposed to do business with you.

It specifically communicates your message of value to your ideal clients so that they understand how you can overcome their issues, problems and challenges, and pulls them to you rather than your competitors.

Good marketing is not merely about advertising, brochures, company logos or any other specific activity. It rarely takes the form of a single ‘silver bullet’ instant solution. Instead, a true marketing system uses a constant mix of marketing methods to provide you with a steady supply of potential customers.

I’m not going to pretend that it’s easy to develop an effective marketing system. Most companies don’t have one at all and tend to rely on hope and chance to find new clients.

However, once you have set up your more clients marketing system, it overcomes a number of very difficult problems:

  • Removes the need to cold call strangers
  • Provides a steady flow of ideal clients that want your services
  • Moves away from chasing clients to pulling them to you
  • Removes time wasters by pre-qualifying prospects
  • Converts more quality clients so you can charge the fees you want
  • Focuses on solving your customers’ problems and building personal relationships

But where do you start creating a marketing system?

  • The best start point is to target people who have a problem your services solve. Who are they – build a profile of your target market
  • Create a client attractive marketing message that explains you understand their situation and how you help them change that
  • Create a lead generation marketing campaign that lands your message in front of your target market

It takes time and effort, but once you have your more clients marketing system it will help you find clients consistently and achieve the income you want.

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