Marketing Growth Track

You Know It's Time To Do Something

You are a business owner or work at a senior level in a successful small company. You have a ‘can do’ attitudebut despite this you feel that there is more you need to do to drive and grow the business.

To plan the future, you know that you need to work more on the business in a structured way, instead of getting tied up in the day to day detail and putting out fires.

You are proud to own a successful small business. You have reached a certain level of success through determinationand effort. But you feel stuck. You are determined to take the business to the next level and have a specific financial milestone you want to hit. It could be a significant increase in turnover or personal income.

You have ramped up your marketing activity in the hope that it business grows, but the results have been less than acceptable and you aren’t too sure what’s going wrong. You know a quick fix is not the answer.

What You Need Right Now

Real clarity and purpose on exactly where you want to take the business.

You need some consistency and structure to make sure you achieve your aims. The best way of getting the business you really want is to have plan. Most business owners have a “Business Strategy” but it’s in their head, they never tell anyone about it, and rarely if ever achieve it.

Once you have your plan in place you can implement the priorities and critical actions to get your company to the level you want it to be. Your plan does not have to be anything fancy. You are busy enough already. A simple hands-on roadmap that guides you to take action with purpose and consistency will deliver the results you need.

You also need accountability to make sure you focus on the future growth of the business. Without support and someone to advise, challenge and keep things real it’s likely you will get caught up in the day to day grind with little growth in sight.

Marketing Growth Track

This programme is for serious business owners that want to invest in their financial future.

Growing my own businesses over the past 25 years, I understand the daily challenges you facein growing yours. It can be doubly difficult if you are trying to doing on your own. If you are looking for some independent expert support, advice and marketing savvy to get your business to the next level?

I have worked and supported many independent businesses to increase sales and profits through a marketing strategy.

I can do the same for you.

Working together we will:

  • Identify the Target - how much you want to Increase sales
  • Get your plan out of your head and onto paper
  • Understand how you go to market right now
  • Identify exactly what's not working and what needs to change
  • Work side-by -side to create a marketing system and methods that get leads, enquiries, and more clients
  • Take action and implement the plan
  • Create systems and automate your marketing activities
  • Get your people motivated, involved, and enthusiastic
  • Build a high performing team to scale your business
  • Hold you and [your team] accountable for actions and results

If the time is right to ramp up your business and you would like to find out how I can help you attract more clients, then give me a ring on 0191 257 2454 or click the button below to organise a free more clients strategy session.