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Lessons from the world’s most successful car salesman.

Have you heard of Joe Girard? Well according to the Guinness Book of Records Joe was the most successful car salesman ever. He was 1 of 42 salesmen on the showroom floor and while everyone sold on average 5 cars a month, Joe was selling 6 or more per day!

What has selling cars got to do with getting more clients I hear you ask? Well, Joe’s success was all down to referrals. He developed a very simple, but hugely effective referral system that delivered all the new clients he could handle.

He understood that people buy from people they know, like and trust.

What’s his secret?

He went out of his way to build and maintain long term relationships.

Joe used to send 13 cards to all his prospects and clients every year – one every month and one for Christmas.

He created a place for himself in the brains of his prospects and clients by constantly keeping in touch with them. At his height was sending out 16,000 mailing pieces each month including:

  • Thank you notes
  • Season’s greetings
  • News and information that will be beneficial to them

He made sure that he was in peoples’ minds when they had to buy a car and that is how he sold 6 cars a day, every day.

That’s it. It’s so simple it’s brilliant. Yes the world has moved on since Joe’s day. Access to technology is low cost for all, but the core principles to get more clients remain the same:

Consistent and focused activity month in, month out.

  • Develop systems for everything to make sure things happen on time, every time.
  • Regular follow-up with quality information to keep front of mind.
  • Set your marketing up to build relationships, not just one time sales.


Think about your word of mouth marketing. Who can help you grow your business? How can you keep in touch consistently? What will it take to earn the ‘know, like and trust’ factor? Answer these questions and put together a simple system to make it happen.

I work with independent business owners of service businesses to help them attract more clients and to win profitable new business without having to be ‘salesy’. I’ll show how to market your services in an authentic and effective way that results in a steady stream of quality clients.

Why not get in touch for a brief chat, to find out how I can help you improve your marketing and increase the number of clients you have.

You can contact me on 0191 257 2454 or email me on

Here’s to your success,



I work with ambitious owners of service businesses who want a steady stream of profitable new clients into their business.

In successfully growing my own business over the past 20 years I know how difficult finding clients can be. I offer practical, hands on face to face and telephone mentoring services that will help you find and convert new clients quickly.

If you get in touch, we can have a brief chat to see if I can help you improve your marketing to find more profitable clients. I only work with business owners that would genuinely benefit from working with me so there will be no hard sell, just a conversation to see if working together would help you and your business.

My contact details are 0191 257 2454,


I look forward to hearing from you.


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Published by Ford Henderson.
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The key to business success lies not in the number of enquiries you receive or even the number of paying clients you have but in the profits you make.

But ask virtually any business owner what they really need and they’re more than likely to reply, “More customers.”

They mistakenly assume that ‘more customers’ means ‘more profits’ but it doesn’t. If you don’t believe this, try and pay your office rent or the electricity and telephone bills with ‘more customers’. It is impossible.

To be successful, a business needs to make a profit. It doesn’t matter what industry or market your business is in, to remain viable, you need to make a profit.

While having more customers or clients will result in more revenue, it doesn’t always result in more profit. Increased revenue does not necessarily mean success – it might just mean more expenses: higher overheads, bigger staffing levels, more delivery costs, a need to find bigger facilities, etc.

So what businesses really need (even if their owners don’t realise it) is to find a way to make more profit.

One of the easiest ways to do that (and it’s a low-cost way) is to become more effective at converting customer enquiries into actual paying customers.

Think about how much effort and time you invest in generating client enquiries and what it would mean for your business if you could increase the number of people who decide to buy from you.

Let’s say that right now for every 10 leads (enquiries) you get, you manage to convince two people to buy your £300 service. That means your ‘conversion rate’ (the number of prospects who decide to buy your service) is 25% and from that, you get a total of £600.

But then you discover a more effective way of persuading people to buy your service. You don’t have to spend any more on advertising or marketing and you’re not attracting more prospects but suddenly, for every 10 leads you get, you receive five assignments. Your conversion rate has effectively jumped to 50% and you get a total of £1500 in new business.

You haven’t had to spend more on marketing – you’ve just got better at persuading people that you have a service they will benefit from – and you’ve increased your profits.

So how do you persuade more people to buy your service (without spending more)?

You stop wasting time and money trying to convince ‘everyone’ to do business with you. You give up on fruitless exercises like trying to educate the world about your service. Instead, you focus on those potential clients who recognise they have a problem, realise they can’t fix it alone and understand they need help. And you persuade them that you are the only one to fix their specific problem.


You start positioning yourself as an expert at solving a specific market’s problem. Write articles and get them published. Write a book about the way to solve the market’s problem. Offer free information products (special reports and White Papers) that address ways to resolve that specific problem. Establish yourself as the person who is most qualified to fix the problem your target audience has. It won’t cost you more but it will bring you more clients and profits.